illustlation : ChaChagoma



Nothing can stop Mafumafu!
Mafumafu decided to hold
his first-ever free online live
streaming at Tokyo Dome!


[Date & Time]
May 5th, 2021(Wed)
Open: 6pm / Start: 6:30pm (JST)

[Ticket fee]

[Live streaming platform]


  • You may not enter or see the performance at Tokyo Dome.
    Please refrain from visiting to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Please do not contact Tokyo Dome regarding the content of the event.
  • No fan letters, gifts, or flowers can be accepted, considering the situation of COVID-19.
  • If you happen to login after the live stream has started, it will play from there, and you may not be able to rewind.
  • Viewing the live streaming requires a fast stable Internet connection. We would recommend using a wire connected to a fixed line, or Wi-Fi. Depending on the Internet connection, or due to other issues, it may be disrupted. If you lose connection, please wait for it to be stable and load again.Please note that we, the artists and operating company, do not take any responsibility for any viewing trouble caused by viewers.
  • Taking pictures, filming, recording of the live streaming, or advertising, either commercial or personal use, is strictly prohibited. In case any kind of unauthorized reproduction is found, it may result in liability. Please follow the rules.


  • 【MV】チョコっとの答え


  • 【MV】マオ


  • 【MV】ユウレイ


  • 【MV】イカサマダンス


  • 【MV】ひともどき


  • 【MV】百鬼夜行





A singer, song writer, composer, arranger, engineer.
Instrument: guitar, base, piano.
Blood Type:?

Mafumafu is a very talented multi creator on the internet.
He is quite popular on video sharing websites and social media. He has more than 2.8 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.8 million followers on Twitter.Mafumafu has uploaded various kinds of videos himself: original songs, covers, entertainment shows, etc. Mafumafu has 1.4 billion views in total.

He sings, writes, composes, arranges, engineers, and also a music producer. Because of his amazing talent, he is praised not only in Japan, but also people around the world have acknowledged him as a talented musician; On a Chinese video sharing website, bilibili, he has 700,000 subscribers. P.s. he calls himself a jack-of-all-trades.

[Recent Activities]
<June. 2019>
Mafumafu’s first one-man dome concert at Saitama MetLife Dome (Seibu Dome) and approximately 35,000 fans attended.
<September. 2019>
The magazine “CUT” which Mafumafu had the cover on for the first time was reprinted.
<October. 2019>
The album “Kagurairo Artifact” ranked 2nd on Oricon weekly chart, and Mafumafu received the gold disc for the 2nd time.
<October. 2019>
Mafumafu was in charge of the opening song for the anime “Pokemon” as a producer. He wrote “1・2・3” and recorded with Soraru as After the Rain.
<February. 2020>
Mafumafu cooperated with NTT Docomo gakuwari campaign, which featured Kanna Hashimoto and Minami Hamabe. He wrote “Sore Wo Ai To Yobudake” for the campaign.
<March. 2020>
Mafumafu’s solo concert at Tokyo Dome was canceled due to COVID-19, which was initially scheduled to be held with 50,000 people.
<April. 2020>
Mafumafu wrote a song “Saishu Senkoku” for HAL vocational college’s TV commercial.
<July. 2020>
Mafumafu wrote a song “Alter ego” for a mobile game, IdentityV’s anniversary song.
<October. 2020>
Mafumafu’s concert DVD/Blu-ray “Hikikomori demo LIVE ga shitai! ~ Super Mafumafu world 2019 @ MetLife Dome” ranked 2nd on Oricon weekly chart when it first appeared on the chart.
<January. 2021>
Mafumafu wrote a theme song “Yuurei” for Nippon TV drama, “Apuri de Koi Suru 20 no Joken.” He also made a cameo appearance in the drama.

Besides his solo career, Mafumafu works with Soraru as a music unit “After the Rain,” in which he is in charge of vocals, lyrics, compose, and arrangements. He also offers songs to many other artists in different genres. Additionally, a music festival “Hikikomori demo festival ga shitai!,” which Mafumafu produced, had sold more than 200,000 tickets for just pre-reservation, and the event was very successful. He is a very talented and successful artist in various fields.

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